Crimson Fate: Atleah in the Imperial Age

The dark ages by jonasdero-d55wvrb

The ghost town of Old Stern. Siege by the Eastern Kingdom of Grand Fal and its king, Petar Trent, resulted in a plague wiping out most of the population. Refugees and those that knelt to the new conqueror rebuilt New Sterne in the nearby plains, but even decades later few tread into the old city.

Crimson Fate is a role-playing game set on the fantasy world of Atleah, among the Nine Nations or continents. It is the Fourth Age, the Age of Empire, and the rise of Grand Fal, a human nation now divided into an east and west kingdom. The center of our world is Bath, an eclectic country that has drawn creatures from distant lands to its major southern city, Nautilus, a city built along the face of the foot of a mountain and facing Frothferah, the Sea of Tempests. It is in Nautilus that the House of Trent , the ruling family from the east kingdom of Grand Fal , has planted its imperial seat for a war of conquest to seize control of the rich soils of her western plains, the minerals of her Serpentine Mountains, and her vast and strategically located coastlines. This conquest has kicked up a rebellion across the land, many choosing sides in an effort to shape Bath's future.

Atleah is a world with a dark history , and its civilized peoples have largely rebelled against the religion and magic that have defined its violent past. Petar Trent, the dead forefather of its current ruler in absentia, Taenar "the Wolf King" Thorne, banned magic outright, making it punishable by death to be seen casting a spell in public. His bastard son has not challenged that tradition. Religion, although tolerated, has largely been ignored by those in power for fear of its divisive political nature and the need to embrace the diversity of Bath's cultures in order to legitimize rule. Even so, a prayer and a miracle are embraced while the heads of those that dabbled in magic line its walls.


The world map of Atleah, showing the general shape of the nine continents.

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